Meet All SLAs with Veeam

This post has been on my to-do list for a while now. It won't be my most technical or longest post by any means, but it's a topic that...

Scan Linux Backups for Malware

Leveraging the Veeam Data Integration API to scan Linux backups for Malware is a great tool in the toolbelt to help mitigate ransomware

Scoped Access for Exchange Online

Scoped access in Exchange for backup and restore by going through creating management scopes, dynamic groups and role groups in Exchange

Backup and Restore MySQL Databases

Much like SQL and Oracle it is common to use native tools such as mysqldump to protect databases. These dumps can target a local file on dis

Monitoring SQL and Oracle Backups

DBAs are the lifeblood to a company's most important data. They arguably care about backups and restores more than backup admins

Apply and Organize vSphere Tags

Tags in principle sound great! Actually putting it into practice and implementing them at a large scale is a challenge though.

The 6 Most Helpful Backup Alarms

It is important to have alarms that can notify you or even take automatic action as changes in the environment effect backups.

Backup for Azure IaaS Workloads

Whether you're creating net-new workloads in Azure or moving on-premises workloads to Azure, it is crucial to protect that data.

Oracle RMAN Protection with Veeam

Veeam adds value to Oracle RMAN by not changing the workflow for DBAs, while enabling the data protection with insights into the backups

Veeam Backup Methods Explained

Backup methods explained in depth. Learn when to use forward, forever forward, and reverse incrementals